Scimitar Reconnaissance Vehicle (FV107) - NEW now with turnable turret

Price: £45.00
(On molded base, inscription - name of tank)

FV107 Scimitar, is an armoured reconnaissance vehicle (sometimes classed as a light tank) used by the British Army and manufactured by Alvis in Coventry. It is very similar to the FV101 Scorpion, but mounts a high velocity 30 mm L21 RARDEN cannon instead of a 76 mm gun.

Date Added: Tuesday 03 September, 2019 by John Desmond
I agree with the other guy that the gun barrel is wrong, it’s to short for a Scimitar and it’s more like a scorpion
Date Added: Thursday 09 May, 2019 by Robert Brain
This is a Scorpion not a Scimitar.
Date Added: Sunday 06 May, 2018 by simon
Barrel looks short for a 30mm? is this a pic of the scorpion rather than scimitar
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